Santa may still be working on his naughty and nice list, but just in time for the biggest shopping season of the year, Consumer Reports has released its own version.

For the fourth consecutive year, the consumer group has compiled the list, basing its decisions on corporate policies that are likely to make your holidays a little more or a little less difficult.

Naughty List:

Best Buy made Consumer Reports' naughty list for its strict return policy. The retailer now requires customers to present a photo ID along with a receipt for every return. Best Buy says it uses the information to track returns and to cut down on return fraud.

Big screen TV's are big sellers this time of year, but Fry's Electronics has adopted a return policy that's not so consumer-friendly. They will not issue refunds on televisions 24 inches and larger.

Headed to grandma's house for the holidays? Consumer Reports says United Airlines is making it more difficult. Unlike most other airlines, there is no pre-boarding for families with infants or children under the age of four.

The Nice List:

Almost every smart consumer knows not to shop at Bed, Bath & Beyond without a 20 percent off coupon. But if you forget a coupon, you can bring one in later with your receipt to get a price adjustment.

Lands' End landed on the nice list for its liberal return policy. Return anything, anytime for any reason even if the item was customized or monogrammed.

And lastly, if you're headed to grandma's house, but change your mind at the last minute, you better hope you're flying Southwest Airlines. Consumer Reports says it's one of the only airlines that lets you switch flights at any time without paying a change fee. You only have to pay any difference in the cost of the flights.

There are more businesses on both lists. To see them all, click here.