To buy or not to buy? That is often the question concerned consumers ask who worry that gadget or item may drop in price the week after they plunk down their dough.

That's why consumer expert Amy Davis did a little research to find some of the best and worst things to buy in January.

The folks at DealNews.com analyzed January sales and prices over the past several years to show you what items are typically good buys and which are better later.

With just about everyone vowing to lose weight and get in shape for the new year, it's no surprise retailers respond by marking down the price of fitness equipment and workout DVD's.

DealNews says January is the time to buy these items.

If Houston's cold snap has you needing more winter clothes, you're in luck. With discounts of 50 to 80 percent off, this month is a good time to buy coats and winter accessories.

Furniture manufacturers will release new 2014 collections in February which means retailers are clearing out last year's inventory with big sales. If it's a new TV you want, watch for deals; but, DealNews says you should wait until February to buy. February deals have beat out even the best December sales in the past.

Now is also a good time to watch for discounts on tax software deals. Sales might get better the closer we get to tax day, but DealNews says they didn't get much lower than 40 percent off last year.