Man arrested after allegedly stabbing police dog

A man was arrested after allegedly stabbing a police dag.

What to do if you're the victim of a bad contractor

No one sets out to hire a bad contractor. But what can you do if a contractor takes your money and runs or just fails to do the job right?

Rosenberg police featured in People Magazine

Rosenberg police are featured in a People Magazine spread, in the new January issue.

Local 2's guide to holiday tipping

How much we should give is a question most of us struggle with. It's why consumer expert Amy Davis has put together a helpful holiday tipping guide.

Officials blame early morning house fire on dryer

Officials believe a dryer is to blame for a house fire in northwest Harris County.

Back 2 School Adventures: Triplets tackle their shopping list

Owen Conflenti and Anthony Yanez help a father and his triplets with their back-to-school shopping.

Protect your home without spending a fortune

Whether you leave town for a vacation or just step out to run a few errands, a simple mistake can leave your home vulnerable to burglars. There are three easy ways to increase your home's security without breaking the bank.

Secrets to sell your house

Houston's housing market is hot right now and it's a great time to sell. So if you're looking to sell, start with the basics.

How to detect toxins in your home

Mold, radon and asbestos are three common toxins that can cause major health problems if you're exposed over a long period of time. There are ways to detect these toxins and remove them from your home.

Change holiday decorations on budget

If you're tired of hanging the same decorations year after year, there are ways to spruce up your decorations without busting your budget.

Should you buy an extended auto warranty?

Whether to purchase an extended warranty or go without that coverage is a decision most car buyers will have to make.

How to choose subcontractors

Home improvement season is in full swing and choosing your contractor is very important, but what some don't consider is it is also essential to know your subcontractors.

Back yard remodels become more popular

Outside may be the last place a Houstonian wants to spend time in the heat of the summer, but with a few additions, it could be a nice place to spend the less scorching hours of the day.

How to choose best pipes for your home

Water is our best friend during the summer, but not when it's leaking through our pipes. Replacing those pipes can mean breaking down walls or tearing up the floor.

Roof is important for curb appeal

Improving your curb appeal goes beyond just the curb. Making your home look more appealing can start from the roof down.

Agent is key for selling, buying home

When it comes to buying and selling a house, the key to success is finding the right person to help you. Check out these tips from Angie's List.

Top wedding complaints

Every girl pictures the perfect wedding day, but what she does not picture is the flowers coming too late, the dress not fitting, or just plain bad service. Those are three things returning to the top 10 list of complaints.

Hiring contractors: Eco-friendly vs. eco-fake

When it comes to going green around the home, there are some things consumers can do to make sure they are getting eco-friendly vs. eco-fake.

Broken A/C? Replacing may be cheaper than repairs

Replacing your broken air conditioner may be cheaper than repairing it because of escalating Freon costs.


Get your complaints heard, issues resolved

Have a complaint about your cellphone service? Here's what to do to try and get the problem resolved.

Home remodeling tips for senior citizens

A new trend in home remodeling focuses on allowing seniors to stay in their own homes longer.

Mulch helps lawns survive in summer

Landscapers say there is a relatively cheap, do-it-yourself job that can help your lawn survive the summer.

Stay energy efficient with A/C maintenance

A more energy efficient air conditioner can make a big difference in your monthly electric bill.

Use checklist for hiring movers

Whether you're moving across town or across the country, finding the right mover to haul everything you own without breaking any of it is a tough job.

Selecting tile for your home

A tile project can send a renovation budget soaring. Here are some tips to get the most for your money and how to hire the right people.

Replacing doors can cut energy costs

With the air conditioner running more and more this summer, many of us are looking for ways to save a few dollars. It could be as easy as replacing your doors.

How to solve contractor disputes

Renovating a home can be new and exciting, but unanticipated problems can quickly turn the process into a major issue. Angie Hicks of Angie's List offers tips on easing contractor disputes.

iStock Image

Angie's List: Save money on window cleaning

When is the best time to tackle cleaning those windows?

Save money on home appliance repairs

Home appliances can take a big chunk of your budget. Find out how to save money on repairs.

Yard work can save you money

Your yard can save and even make you money. Find out how.

How best to pay for home improvement projects

Finding the money to make home improvements can be tough, so take a few steps to avoid costly mistakes.

How to save on home painting jobs

Find out how to stretch your home-painting dollars.

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