This site has been around seemingly as long as Black Friday itself -- OK, maybe not that long exactly, but you get our drift. And it succeeds year after year because it gets it right.

You want store ads? As the site's name says, you've got it. You want social networking, e-mail alerts and a shopping list function? Check, check and check.

But you also get shopping guides that will help you pick out cameras, washing machines, computers, DVD players, TVs or whatever else you're looking for this year.

And, for the cherry on top, the site also offers an online community where you can swap tips with other deal-hungry shoppers. Seriously, if you miss out on a Black Friday deal, you won't have this site to blame.

It's almost the perfect Black Friday site, except for our No. 1 selection ...

TGI Black Friday website screenshot

No. 1: TGI BlackFriday

With the growing prevalence of smart phones, there are more than a few downloadable applications out there that will help you round up Black Friday deals.

But TGI BlackFriday, and its parent company, was one of the first to offer a free iPhone/Android app -- and still the best.

The app allows you browse thousands of deals from major retail stores' Black Friday ads. You can search across all deals and categories and save the items you want to buy in your own personal shopping list.

The website also offers the same great experience. You'll find a column on the right side that offers one-click filters to sort through deals as well as downloadable PDF scans of Black Friday ads, a grid displaying pictures of the most popular sale items and much, much more.

Now, sit back, relax and feel free to eat until you can't move on Thanksgiving. As the tryptophan kicks in and you nod off, you can rest assured you've done your shopping homework thanks to these five Black Friday sites.

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