The rain is finally making its way north of I-10, but the showers are limited.

Moderate rain above I-10 in Chambers County, northeast Harris County, and along the interstate just west of Downtown.

Showers continue to soak a majority of our coast this morning making the roads miserable. There is much more rain coming from the Gulf of Mexico for the coastal counties this morning/early afternoon.

Most of Brazoria and Matagorda counties have seen consistent light to moderate rain since early this morning. In fact, there was a flood advisory for Matagorda and Jackson counties earlier, but it expired at 8am.

Most of this morning's activity has been south of I-10, while for the most part north of I-10 has been dry. This pattern will stay consistent into early this afternoon.

There may be a few isolated showers in the northern counties popping up later today as a chance of scattered showers spreads across southeast Texas.

Highs today will be in the upper 80s.