A Houston mother has been arrested, accused of leaving one of her sons inside a beauty salon.

According to court documents, police responded to a report of a child found Tuesday night in the 11900 block of Bissonnet Street.

Tammie Lakesiah Ellis, 36, brought her two sons to the beauty salon to get haircuts, police say.

A salon worker told investigators that when her older son was finished, Ellis left the youngest son, who was still getting his hair cut.

A police officer picked up the boy and drove the child to Ellis' home, but she was not home, police say.

Officers say they then took the boy to the Child Protective Services and left him with case workers..

According to CPS, Ellis was already in their system.

Investigators said Ellis never called police to locate her son, or answered phone calls from authorities.

She has been charged with child abandonment.

Her next court date is June 28.