An 8-year-old boy was walking back to his apartment from a birthday party when several men in a van drove up and tried to grab him.

On Saturday night, Dimitrius Madison was nearly kidnapped on the playground at The Almeda Park Apartments in southeast Houston.

"They drove up to me and asked if I wanted some candy, and when I said 'no,' they said, 'Hey, are you sure? It's really good candy. You should come and check it out,'" Madison said.

Madison's mother said four men in a black van approached her son, and when he refused the offer of candy, one of the men jumped out of the van and chased her son.

She said the second that man made a move toward him, Madison, a star football player for the South Houston Wildcats, took off running and hid behind a large air conditioning unit until that man ran past.

"He chased me around.  I ran to the alley.  I hid in the bush.  And the guy he ran right past me.  The van met him.  He got back in the van, then I ran home," Madison said.

Madison described the would-be kidnapper as a black man, about 30-years-old, wearing a bright red hat, red shirt and red pants. He was driving in a black van with three other men, with the words "Southeast Bloods" spray painted on the vehicle.

Madison said after trying to chase him down, the men then circled the parking lot at the complex two times looking for him before finally driving off.

"I ran as fast as I could, fast, fast, fast," he said.

Monica Martinez, Madison's mother, said she wants all parents on the southeast side to know what happened to her boy, so that they can warn their children about these four men.

"It's terrified me pretty bad.  I won't even let them go outside in the daytime but my kids are very active.  They can't stay inside all of the time.  It scared me to where I don't want them to even go outside in the daytime," said Martinez.

Anyone who may know anything about these men is asked to call Houston police.