Apparently giving away more than $8 million in furniture is not enough to stop Mattress Mack from doing it again.

Every Houstonian's favorite furniture salesman is offering up another crazy promotion -- this time surrounding the Astros. You may recall that Mattress Mack in recent months featured two pigskin promos in which he refunded more than $8.2 million in furniture to customers.

According to the Gallery Furniture website, Mattress Mack's latest offer is to the first 500 customers who purchase $6,300 or more from the store and have it delivered within one week.

Then if the Astros win 63 or more games in the regular season, thereby avoiding another 100-loss season, Gallery Furniture says 100% of the furniture purchase price will be refunded to all 500 participating customers.

For more information, visit GalleryFurniture.com.