Customers are on edge after a gunman brazenly walked into a Walmart and robbed the McDonald's inside while children were sitting just feet away.

"In this area, there is a lot of families, so that is a concern that the families and the children are here," said Danette Crowell, a Walmart customer.

At around noon Wednesday, Houston police say a man walked into the Walmart on S. Wayside with a gun and demanded money from the McDonald's cashier.

"Right when you come in, people have their families sitting there eating McDonald's, everybody coming in and out of the store at the front doors, that is pretty gutsy. I am glad I wasn't here," said Walmart customer Justin Smith.

Officials said the suspect got away with an unknown amount of money. Witnesses saw him jump into a yellow cab van that appeared to be waiting for him outside, and drove off.

"You would think the cab driver would know he was up to something but maybe he is just slick," said Smith.

The Walmart has only been open for a few weeks and has already been a target for crime. Customers are hoping for a bigger police presence in the area and say that may be the only thing to deter these criminals.

"If police presence was there it would make a difference. This is new, it is a new area, so all kinds of things is going to be tried so I would say to the police, 'We need to see you a lot more,'" said Crowell.

If you have any information on this suspect, you are asked to call the Houston Police Department.