An Arizona man has embarked on a tongue-in-cheek quest for the woman he caught stealing a package from his front porch on video.

Tim Lake of Arcadia has cameras around his property to keep an eye out when he travels.

Recently, one of them captured a blonde-haired woman grab an Amazon package from his porch and take off.

"She runs off in the distance in this weird kind of (trot), like she has a flat tire and is scurrying off," Lake told Phoenix TV station KPHO.

To catch her, he's plastered posters around his neighborhood.

But the poster makes light of what happened, both in its description of the suspect and the circumstances surrounding the theft.

"On Friday, the second day of August in the year of our Lord 2013, I was suddenly and deliberately robbed by an unknown assailant," the poster reads.

It also describes the woman as having eyes "lacking a soul" and her height as "about yay" high.

Lake even created an email account,, for tips leading to her arrest.

He said he's making light of the situation since the package only contained some K-Cup coffee pods and an ice cube tray. However, he knows it could have been something more expensive, which is why he's trying to spread the word about the theft in a creative way, according to KPHO.