A man who lives in northwest Houston made a surprising discovery. He found Christmas presents sitting in the middle of TC Jester near Latexo. 

"They're from grandma and grandpa and they're for Josh and Sean," said Robin Chan of the cards on the gifts.

Chan said the presents were once all wrapped up. Traffic took its toll. 

Chan told Local 2, "I actually saw a car hit them and go up in the air a little bit and that's when I decided to pull over."

Traffic did most of the unwrapping. Inside there were four belts and $175 in gift cards. Their owners were nowhere around.

Chan said, "A little bit surprising that they would be from a robbery if they robbed somebody. They probably would have taken them."

Chan's wife posted the information on the Oak Forest community page on Facebook trying to locate the owners.

Chan said, "I think if someone's missing it, they're definitely going to be having a little bit of a rough Christmas, so we wanted to reach out to them. If we could get it back to them, it would be really nice to make sure they have a Merry Christmas."

Anyone who may know the owner of the presents, Chan said you can contact him through the community's Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/#!/groups/oakies/