A local woman made a disturbing discovery while grocery shopping at a Fiesta Mart Supermarket in northwest Houston.

The woman told Local 2 that she felt something touch her leg and realized a man had put his cell phone under her dress.

“I turn around, and it’s this man with a cell phone… under my skirt trying to take a picture,” said Brittany.

Brittany said her initial shock quickly turned to anger.

“I yelled,” Brittany explained. “I said, ‘Hey! He's a pervert! He's a pervert!’ And I started chasing after him.”

Before long, other shoppers had the man cornered.

All of this happened on Saturday.

Houston police were called to the store and arrested 34-year-old Rigoberto German-Ramirez for improper photography.

Police said surveillance video showed Ramirez with his phone under Brittany’s dress.

Brittany said before this, she never thought twice about wearing dresses; but, from here on out, she’ll be keeping a closer eye on her and her children’s surroundings.