A police officer saved the life of an elderly woman being attacked by her son in southeast Houston Thursday night.

At around 10pm, police were called out to a disturbance at Simmons Garden Senior Citizen Housing apartments in the 10200 block of Scott Street.

Police say an officer knocked on the door of one of the apartments and a man answered holding a hammer, but then slammed the door in the officer's face. The man then barricaded himself inside.

The officer said he could hear a woman screaming for help. 

According to police, the officer looked through the window and saw the man alternately beating his mother with a hammer and stabbing her with a large knife.

HPD's Jodi Silva said, "At one point the suspect then grabs the female and begins dragging her down the hallway. That is when they determined the female's life was in immediate danger, and they attempted to break down the door to get into the apartment.  They could not break down the door, so they moved to the front windows."

The officers were finally able to break out a window and ordered the man to drop his weapons.

Police said the man lifted his arm in an attempt to stab his mother again.  Officer A. Garza, a one-year veteran of the force, drew his weapon and shot the man through the broken window.

The suspect was hit but continued to beat and stab his mother, according to Houston police.

The officer fired again, hitting the suspect a second time.

The suspect dropped the knife and the officer was able to get inside the apartment through the window and let another officer inside.

The suspect, Matthew Deshune Swiney, was transported to Ben Taub General Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Neighbors describe Swiney, 22, as a quiet man.

"You could tell there was something wrong with him," said neighbor Gloria Jefferson.

"They kind of kept to themselves, she was a very nice lady. I always talked to them, she was very nice and he was quiet," neighbor Fran Rogers said.

Earlene Randle said, "I am thinking that I am really surprised that it happened. It really scared me though, when I heard all that knocking and shooting out here."

His 74-year-old mother suffered head trauma and stab wounds. She was transported to the same hospital in serious condition.

As is customary in HPD officer-involved shooting incidents, the case is being investigated by the HPD Homicide and Internal Affairs Divisions, as well as the Harris County District Attorney's Office.