BAYTOWN, Texas -

Houston police arrested a man accused of stabbing a teenage boy to death and seriously injuring his mother in Baytown.

Police believe the boy was trying to defend his mother during the deadly attack.

At around 9 p.m. Sunday, Tanya Edwards was at her home in the 2500 block of East James Street with her children when her boyfriend, Dene McCarter, allegedly walked in the apartment unannounced, went to her bedroom and began stabbing her. Her children tried to stop him.

Her daughter, Keara, believes her 16-year-old brother, Prezton Edwards, gave his life to save their mother's life.

"They just all fight him off my Mom and I guess when he turned around, he had stabbed my brother in the throat and my brother said he was OK and chased the man out this way. And has when he was unconscious by the steps," said Keara.

Prezton died before an ambulance could get to him. His mother was rushed to the hospital and survived. McCarter fled.

Baytown police found him around 4am Monday in Houston, among a group of homeless people camped out beneath the North Freeway at I-10.

"His brother is homeless and lives in that area and so he went looking for his brother and that's where he ended up," Det. Edgar Elizondo with the Baytown Police Department.

Tanya Edwards' children say their mother was stabbed as many as 22 times in an attack so frenzied that her attacker stabbed himself twice, and had to be treated before being taken to jail.

McCarter, 43, is facing multiple charges now as Keara Edwards and her family prepare to bury to their brother.

"My little brother did die for my mother. And he always said he wanted to die, if that was his way he was going to take care of at the girls of the house. He always said he was the man of the house," Keara said.

Prezton Edwards, 16, attended Sterling High School in Baytown where he would have been a 10th grader this coming school year. Classmates remember him as a kid who loved skateboards and made them laugh.

Tanya Edwards is in stable condition at the hospital.