Rice University police reported the arrest of a man who is accused of sneaking into two university dorm rooms and fondling students while they were asleep.

Nathaniel Charles Simonette, 25, is charged with two counts of burglary of a habitation with the intent to commit sexual assault.

Rice University Police Chief Johnny Whitehead said the incidents happened Saturday afternoon at Lovett College.

Whitehead said Simonette graduated from Rice in 2011 and was on campus during a weekend when many alumni were visiting for various activities.

"So I can see where students probably thought he belonged there," said Whitehead.

Whitehead said campus records show Simonette at first tried to use his old student ID to gain entry to the dorm. Whitehead said when that failed Simonette must have found a student to let him inside the building.

Whitehead said Simonette then began roaming the halls and tried to find unlocked doors.

"So he didn't have any targets. He was just going around trying any door that would open for him?" asked Local 2's Robert Arnold.

"Yes, yes," said Whitehead. "Students saw him trying doors."

Whitehead said Simonette found one unlocked door around noon, walked in and fondled a co-ed who was taking an afternoon nap. About four hours later, Whitehead said Simonette went to a different room on a different floor and fondled another female student who was napping.

"We try to stress to our students to keep their dorm rooms locked, especially when they are sleeping," said Whitehead.

Whitehead said after police sent out a crime alert, students began calling officers about a strange guy named "Nate" who was wandering the halls and telling people he was a recent graduate.

Investigators said they scanned university records and found a possible name match, plus records showed Simonette initially tried to use a deactivated ID to gain entry to the dorm.

Whitehead said once they found that information, they tracked down Simonette at his southwest Houston apartment and arrested him.

Whitehead said while this type of incident is rare, he hopes it will serve as a warning to student about who they allow into the dorms.

"If you see someone in there that you're not familiar with, that may not belong there, and you're not comfortable confronting them, just call us," said Whitehead.

Suspicious activities can be reported to Rice University police at 713-348-6000.

Simonette is scheduled to appear back in court Wednesday.