The Houston Zoo is mourning the loss of one of its chimpanzees.

Mac the chimpanzee died on May 13.  According to zoo officials, Mac and two other members of the zoo's chimpanzee family were sedated for a routine veterinary medical examination.  However, when the veterinary team began to reverse Mac's sedation, he did not respond. 

There were complications, so the team administered aggressive supportive therapy including oxygen support, antibiotics and pain medication.

An MRI revealed that despite the extra measures, Mac's neurological functions were compromised and irreversible.  For this reason, he was humanely euthanized.

Mac had lived at the chimpanzee habitat in the Houston Zoo's African Forest since he arrived in July 2010 with nine members of his extended chimpanzee family. 

The Houston Zoo says its chimpanzee keepers will closely observe the family's behavior over the coming days so they can provide supportive care for Mac's family.