Everywhere Local 2 went on Sunday, buoyant Broncos fans in love with Peyton Manning were found saying they were sure that Denver would absolutely crush the Seattle Seahawks.

"The Broncos will win big," said Shelly Smith at Champps Americana  sports bar in the Galleria area.

But that was before the game.

Once the game started, from the very first play, you could see everything going Seattle's way.

Hal Maloy called it days ago.

"I predicted Seattle would win," Maloy said. "Defense wins Super Bowls, and it's happening."

"It's one of those whatever could go wrong, will go wrong things, and the Broncos are just getting dominated by a younger, stronger team," Andre Forney said.

By the third quarter, the mystery was over, and many fans started to file out of Champps.

As Local 2 left hours later, you could still hear the Seahawks fans celebrating a huge victory.