One creative Cypress-Fairbanks high school student documented his four years at school by taking a selfie a day.

As he prepared to leave for college, Barry Oshiba left behind a lasting memory of his high school days for his parents:  a picture of himself from almost every day of high school.

"In eighth grade I had this giant afro and on the last day of school I shaved my head," Barry said.  "So I thought [it would be] cool to see my hair grow, so I decided to take a picture of myself every day after I shaved my head."

He decided it was such a cool project, he kept it going.

"I always did it right before I went to sleep," he said.

In the same spot, with a tripod and an automatic timer, he shot 1,466 pictures and went through 13 different hairstyles.

"It requires a lot of dedication and a lot remembering every night, but I guess it really fit my sense of dedication," Barry said.

Barry, a future filmmaker, told Local 2 he plans to continue taking pictures in college.

He also beat out 700 nationwide entries with another video he created, earning him a large scholarship to help pay for his upcoming years at the University of Pennsylvania.