The government shut down could affect a local family's plan to travel to see their son play in the Air Force-Navy game this weekend.

Russ and Lisa Roberts, of Clear Lake, have their plane and game tickets to go to Annapolis to see their son, 19-year-old Air Force quarterback, Karson Roberts, play. 

The Department of Defense temporarily suspended sports competitions at the service academies.

"Mixed emotions I'd say. It's a huge rivalry. Air Force and Navy. But at the same time, you have people sent home without pay," said Russ Roberts, Karson Roberts' dad.  He told Local 2, "For them, I would say, it's disappointing.  But their main goal is to serve.  And they're being given a different order now and they just have to be flexible to deal with the changes."

A final decision is expected Thursday.  A Pentagon spokesman said lawyers were looking at the cancellation decision to see if the money used for the games is approved by congress.