Houston-based crews from CenterPoint Energy and TxDOT headed to North Texas Saturday in order to help restore power and clear roadways following this week's winter storm.

Around 60 CenterPoint workers left Saturday afternoon headed to Paris, Texas. They expect to be there for five to seven days, replacing broken power poles and picking up wire.

“It's long hours but we're used to it. That's what we are trained to do. We're professionals at what we do and we like helping the public,” said Eugene Demarco.

The CenterPoint workers are expecting to be working 16 hours a day in the cold.

“It's a great feeling to get people's lights back on that's been off for several days, especially in the cold. They're miserable and they're very happy to see us when we get there,” said Thomas Klesel, the operations manager with CenterPoint.

Crews from TxDOT also left for North Texas Saturday, taking equipment with them that will help clear the icy roads and get people moving once again.

The Houston-based crews will be working with others from across the state, all joining together to clean up the mess the storm left behind.

Meanwhile, people in Houston braced for record lows Saturday.

Big Tex Tree Nurseries in West Houston was busy Saturday afternoon, packed with customers who were searching for the perfect Christmas tree. There, workers wore layers in order to stay warm.

“I'm wearing a bunch of stuff I don't wear all year," said employee Fabiola DeLaGarza. "It's just sitting in my closet. I think everyone is dressing really nice because they know it's not going to last very long,”