Galveston County commissioners will hold a special private meeting Tuesday to discuss a county employee investigated by Local 2 following a tip claiming he was paid for time that he did not work.

The tip claimed Galveston County Chief Deputy Constable Joe Giusti, of Precinct 4, was not working full shifts.

Giusti is running for county commissioner -- one of the highest elected offices in the county responsible for money allocation and staffing, among other things.

Local 2 found Giusti spending hours at his home during the work day. Local 2 also observed him spending time doing other activities during work hours. The activities appeared not to be related to his county employment.

His payroll records show he was being paid during that time.

Before broadcasting the story, Local 2 reached out to Galveston County Judge Mark Henry for comment last week.

Henry then scheduled a private meeting, known as an executive session, for the commissioners court's special meeting Tuesday at 1:30 p.m.

The agenda for Tuesday's meeting says the executive session will discuss "allegations that the Chief Deputy Constable of Galveston County Precinct No. 4, Joseph Giusti, has claimed and received County payroll funds during time(s) when the Chief Deputy was not performing work for the Galveston County Constable's Office."

Local 2 reached out to Giusti May 12 for comment and he had not yet agreed to an interview. Susan Criss, an attorney representing Giusti, called the allegations part of a "typical political b.s. stunt."

Criss said Giusti is a model county employee.

"Joe Giusti works his butt off every day," she told Local 2 investigative reporter Jace Larson Monday afternoon. "I believe that in the end of the legal process he will be more than vindicated."

She declined to answer questions from Local 2 about time Giusti is seen spending at home during hours his boss, Constable Jimmy Fullen, said were part of Giusti's work day.

Local 2 will be at commissioners court Tuesday and will post news about any action taken.

Early voting for the county commissioner's race started Monday.