A Local 2 crew covering another story rolled up on a crime in progress at a southwest Houston gas station, and they ended up being the key to getting police to the scene.

KPRC's crew was in a parking lot headed to a story when a man pulled up and asked them to call 911. The man said he had been following another car that had just pulled up here in the parking lot, and that the man behind the wheel, had been driving erratically and shooting a pistol from the car. It turned out he man with the gun was actually the victim of a crime.

His name is Adrian Grace, and when police pulled up, they did indeed discover he was packing a pistol. Our crew called them after a witness, Steve Crisp, said he had seen Grace driving erratically, and heard shots fired from his truck.

"He went back through the neighborhood, I heard a couple of shots coming through the neighborhood. There was nobody else around. He went back on Almeda, went down light and made u-turn. I followed him back to the station here," Crisp told Local 2.

But it turns out Grace was chasing two men who had just stolen his backpack minutes earlier as he was getting gas. Grace was standing on the driver's side of his SUV when they pulled up on the passenger side, broke out the window, and grabbed the backpack.

First he ran after them, and managed to open their car door.

"I kept pulling on the door and then the guy speed off. Scratched up my leg and then scratched up my back. Almost ran over me with the car," said Grace.

Angry, Grace then got in his truck and went after them. That's when Crisp spotted him.

"He was driving erratically going down Almeda," Crisp said.

Grace caught up with the thieves at a red light about half a mile away and started to confront them.

"I was going to get out of the car with the gun and then the gun went off. They sped off. Ran a red light. I just said, 'Stop, no use pursuing them anymore. Let's go back the way it was, call the cops. And be done with it,'" Grace told Local 2.

He has a permit for the pistol. Police gave it back to him and had him checked out by medics to make sure he wasn't seriously hurt.

Officials are still trying to find the two men driving a dark SUV with paper plates who took his backpack. After all of that, police  may have been disappointed to find there was not anything in it but a pair of scrubs and some old tennis shoes.