Parking lots all around Hobby were almost 85 percent full by Monday afternoon; according to a Houston Airport System's (HAS) spokeswoman.

Hobby's runways also had an interesting day.

Around 12:30 p.m., a Jet Blue Airliner was leaking fuel on the runway.

Then a coyote made the runways its playground. Operations workers tried for an hour to round up the animal. It eventually escaped through the fence. Workers are now repairing the opening.

HAS says both incidents didn't cause any flight delays.

It wasn't as active at Bush Intercontinental Airport. Some travelers were actually surprised by the lack of a holiday rush.

"The line is short, but it is not moving very fast," said Sandeep, a holiday traveler. "But, yes, we were a little bit surprised."

"It's busier, but not horrific," said Lindsay, who is traveling during the Christmas week for the first time.

Arriving at your holiday destination may be tough because of weather.

In the Northeast, snow and ice continue to flow in from the New England states to the Mid-Atlantic.

By mid-afternoon, the FAA showed departing flights from Houston to JFK in New York delayed over two hours because of wicked weather.

Other major destinations impacted are Newark International Airport and Philadelphia International Airport.

“When I get to Philadelphia they might delay me," said Valerie who is traveling to the Northeast. "But at this point that's OK. As long as I get to Philadelphia I am fine.”

In the South, soaking rain was having a ripple effect at IAH. One traveler was supposed to be flying to Louisville, Kentucky. Instead, he is searching for someone to pick him up at a different airport an hour and a half drive away from his original plans.

Heading to Michigan? Prepare for days without power. The state was the hardest hit by an ice storm over the weekend. There are still some 200,000 customers without power at midday Monday.
That storm system is expected to clear the eastern seaboard later tonight into Tuesday.

If you are heading east, prepare for very cold temperatures behind the front.

For travelers still getting ready to fly out, HAS wants to remind people there are several ways to check in to save you time.

Online or at a kiosk will be the fastest if you don't have checked luggage. You can also check in curbside as you are dropped off, or you can go the traditional but longer route and go up to a counter.

HAS is encouraging fliers to get a ride from a shuttle, a taxi or friends and family because of the parking shortage.