LA PORTE, Texas -

The search for a common summertime problem is on at a home in La Porte. A family of raccoons -- four babies and a mother -- has been making things uncomfortable for the Alban family. They just want some rest.

"It's been miserable," said Lacey Alban. "Just when we're ready to lay down and go to sleep they want to start playing, and exploring, and wandering around our ceiling."

"Mostly scratching around in the ceiling," added Lacey's husband, Rowdy. "Bumping into the AC vent sometimes, which is the loudest thing that they did."

The Albans set traps in crawl spaces and took a more drastic measure when the raccoons got into the walls and between their floors: They cut a hole in the ceiling.

"We cut a hole as close as we could to them thinking maybe one would actually fall out. Put a bucket under it," said Lacey Alban. "And that pretty much just scared them to the other side of the room."

Pest control expert Claude Griffin with Gotcha Pest Control came by to see if he could solve the problem. Outside, Local 2 found the likely source of entry: a soffit vent screen, providing access to the attic, probably pulled open by a pretty strong mother raccoon.

Griffin said it's important for people to let their neighbors know when they have a problem, because raccoons like to travel.

"When they get tired of your neighbor's house, they're coming to live with you. And that's exactly what they're going to do," said Griffin. "Because when you start running them out of your house, they're going to be going over to his house."