After Local 2 aired surveillance video showing a woman sifting through mail and stealing items, Local 2 received calls from people saying the woman in the video is their neighbor.

Harris County sheriff's deputies have confirmed  it.

Last month KPRC's Camille Williams stopped by Linda Tatosian's home, she tried to ask her if she was the woman caught on camera stealing and sifting through mail packages.

She did not talk on camera but over the phone she denied it.

On Tuesday, Harris County sheriff's deputies are now saying the 48-year-old is their suspect seen on video opening up packages and even using the restroom on porches at homes in Kingwood.

Neighbors saw this video and knew right away who it was.

Now Tatosian is wanted for theft.

"I feel sorry for her as well as her family and my only prayer is that she will get some help," said Betty Bland, a neighbor.

Local 2 stopped by Linda's home again on Tuesday.

No one was home.