A Kingwood High School sophomore is being hailed a hero after her quick action saved her and her cross country teammates from impending danger on one of the Houston area's busiest roadways.

Jasmine Amo, 15, and the rest of the team on Kingwood's girls cross country team were headed back to campus after a meet on Saturday just before noon.

They were on Beltway 8 near JFK when the bus driver briefly lost consciousness and control of the wheel. The bus started veering and even hit a concrete divider. Jasmine, who had fallen asleep, was awakened by her teammates' terrified screams.

"I saw that no one was in control of the bus," says Amo. "Then I looked and we started veering across the highway lanes. Then I ran up to the front and I turned the wheel and instead of going off the ramp and I took out the key."

Paramedics responded to the scene, but there were only two minor injuries. The bus driver is recovering just fine. But things could've been much worse if not for Jasmine's quick action.

"You always hope and pray that when young people are put into situations where they can respond," says Humble ISD assistant superintendent Trey Kramer. "She's definitely a hero."

With her cool hand behind the wheel Saturday you may be surprised that Jasmine doesn't even have her driver’s license.

"No I'm 15," says Amo. "I am just now getting my permit. And my mom has a Prius so that is nothing compared to the bus," she says with a laugh.

Jasmine says she wants to go to college and become either a petroleum engineer or a surgeon.