It may be the home of the future. Everything inside the house is powered by a cellphone from the moment you step out of bed.

"I'll say good morning by hitting the button on the Jawbone 'Up' then you can see the house kind of senses it, the lights are coming on in the background and now let's take a walk to the kitchen like I would when I wake up."

The California home is owned by tech entrepreneur Matt Mullenweg, an investor in "SmartThings," the company responsible for all the technology.

If you have a tough commute, your kitchen lamp will tell you. Green means no traffic. The colors change based on the timing of your commute.

"What I see happening in sort of the connected home is that right now, there's expensive systems and that's all being radically democratized, where now you can use these little cheap devices, control it from your smartphone and there needs to be a platform for it; and SmartThings can be that platform, " Mullenweg said.

"SmartThings" is available online.