This whole area keeps getting steady rains from Ingrid, but no flooding, no damage and no injuries. This part of Texas seems to have escaped that potential because the rain that hit this area came during intermittent waves.

"The breaks in between the squalls of water, that's really what did it for us; that's what helped us out," said Humberto Berrera with the Cameron County Emergency Management.

Berrera says the breaks in rain spared Brownsville and surrounding towns from the flood waters that were expected. However, there is a still a lingering problem on South Padre Island from Ingrid: rip currents.

"Conditions, to my understanding are still dangerous," said Berrera.

Berrera says these currents and high waves are why the beaches were closed and will remain closed until the all-clear is given by the National Weather Service.

"The Gulf of Mexico does not discriminate against a 4-year-old kid whose swimming and a 23-year-old professional surfer," Berrera said. "It's a decision that's worth a million dollars if you can save one life."

While South Texas may have dodged Ingrid's wrath, this storm has devastated several parts of Mexico. Thousands had to be evacuated and several people lost their lives flash floods, swollen rivers and mudslides.

While no one in South Texas is complaining that Ingrid did not deliver the expected flooding rains, many are wishing this storm would have sent just a little more rain their way with the area in a severe drought.