MANVEL, Texas -

Manvel High School is stepping up security on Monday after a student stabbed a classmate on Friday.

School officials said earlier in the same day, the school had a gun scare.

Parents are hoping their children will have a calmer day on campus on Monday.

Friday was a bit chaotic with concerns about a lockdown, a student possibly carrying a gun on campus, and the stabbing.

Extra security will be on hand for students at Manvel High after police said a senior was stabbed by a freshman student who was carrying a pocket knife.

“It's crazy,” said parent Tamisha Wiley. “Right now, things are happening in places we least expect it. So we just never know.”

According to police, the two students had an altercation in the hallway in between classes. The younger student pulled out a knife and stabbed the older student in the shoulder and once in the leg.

Officials said the victim was put in an ambulance and the suspect was taken into custody. Following Friday’s fight, there were 250 other students who were pulled out of school, according to Alvin Independent School District.

“I think that is really sad,” said parent Greta Pines. “They can't go to school and get an education and then have to deal with all this.”

Some parents are now wondering if increased security on campus is really the answer, and whether it will be enough to keep their children safe

Friday’s brief lockdown was due to a report that another student may have brought a gun to school. Police said they were able to find that student before he arrived at school. 

No gun was ever found, according to Alvin ISD police.