A Houston man wants the theft of his private credit card investigated.

Blake Colburn said he called the Houston Police and the Harris County Sheriff's Office, but got nowhere.

He says, on Nov. 17, he got a message about possible fraud; his bank shut down his credit card and removed about $750 in charges racked up at the Wal-Mart on Fry Road at the Katy Freeway and across the street at a convenience store.  That was more than a month ago. He is upset no one is actively investigating his case.

"Initially I put in a case number...report with Houston and then after that they said someone would get in touch with me," said Colburn. 

He told Local 2, "Which I never heard from. I was eventually told it was a Harris County issue. They sent me back to Houston." 

Houston Police and the Harris County Sheriff's Office confirm Colburn filed reports with both offices.  The sheriff's office said it would be a city case because that's where the victim lives and where the information was possibly compromised or stolen. 

With the help of sheriff's investigators, he obtained a copy of Wal-Mart's surveillance video.  He said the video shows a family shopping for Thanksgiving using his stolen information. 

He said, "They were racking up to have a great Thanksgiving! That's not their money. That's not their hard work that they've put into that and they shouldn't be doing it."

Colburn says he got a tag number off of the video and got a possible address for the thief.

According to Colburn, a helpful Houston Police Department planned to talk with the Houston Police Department's Financial Crimes Division on Monday and finally find out who will investigate this case.

A Wal-Mart spokesperson told Local 2 that it has a good relationship with local law enforcement and will do whatever it can to help prosecute crimes like this.