Drivers all over the area Tuesday ran into ice and slick roads on the morning commute.

Isaac Davis was on his way to work when his car drove on a patch of ice on West Orem.

"The lady in front of me hit the ice in order for me to avoid hitting her I had to hop the curb, but my right front hit he car," said Davis.

He's OK, just shaken up a bit.

"Can you believe we had ice on the road in Houston? Surprise they should have put sand on the road, but they didn't. As you can see, the block of ice still sitting there," Davis said.

He's not alone. A similar situation near Highway 290 and N. Gessner tied up traffic after four vehicles wrecked hitting ice on the road.

"I've got a quarter of a mile of indiscriminate black ice," said one witness.

It was 5:15 a.m. when the cars traveling normal speeds unexpectedly hit the ice.

"What happened we had vehicles that were out of control actually spun out and based on the fact we had ice itself," said Houston Police Office Jack Fields.

The stretch of road remained closed until gravel trucks were called in.