A "Hunger Games" day camp for teenagers is drawing controversy for having what critics say is a violent theme.

The camp, located in Largo, Florida, is being lambasted for its violence due to the fact as it’s based on the best-selling books and movies about a competition where kids and teens kill each other in order to survive.

According to the Tampa Bay Times, participants in the camp can be heard casually talking about stabbing and killing each other. The "Hunger Games" final tournament ended with a crying 11-year-old boy claiming that he’d been maliciously stepped on.
Camp officials posted a statement on their website defending the camp's ideals: "As a school, we believe editors chose to eliminate all of the wonderful coverage of the camp and then elected to lead the reader to believe that the focus was on violence. This misrepresentation and the suggestion that a child was hurt while in our care could not be further from the truth."

The officials went on to say that the activities at the camp "creatively integrate the academic subjects of physics, engineering, art and theater."