The doors Tuesday morning opened for people to get their hands on the Astrodome seats they had purchased several days ago.

More than 2,400 pairs were sold online at a price of $200 a pair. Reliant officials say they sold out online in less than four hours.

Josh Norregaard was one of the first in line Tuesday to load up his seats.

"Just sit in them, enjoy them. Watch the game, hopefully the Texans will win one," Norregaard said.

Andrew Jefferies was with Norregaard Tuesday.

Jefferies said, "I actually have a Texans room in my house and although it's the Astrodome and not Reliant, it's still a piece of history."

The line to get the chairs was long, but moved quickly. Most only waited for about 30 minutes, but all say they would have waited much longer to get their hands on the chairs with so many memories attached.

"Great up here, went to the Astrodome as a little kid, watched the ball game and sat in those seats so it means something," Norregaard explained.

Reliant officials say they may put more seats up for sale down the line, but the exact date is unclear.