A shocking find in north Houston when Texas EquuSearch volunteers were out looking for a man who's been missing for a week, but they ended up finding someone else: skeletal remains that had obviously been there for quite some time.

Tim Miller, with EquuSearch, says the skeletal remains were found in a shallow grave just before noon Tuesday in the 3400 block of Melbourne near Jensen in northeast Houston. The location is in a heavily wooded area near the Eastex Freeway and some railroad tracks.

"One of the searchers noticed something and scraped some leaves back, and it definitely was a human skull and it was some other body parts there," he said.

The owner of the property got a call that there was a discovery.

"It's really devastating. It needs to stop. I feel for whoever this is ...their family," said property owner Theresa Williams.

Miller says the Equusearch team was searching for Kelly Dorne, who has been missing for about a week.

According to Miller, the remains appear to have been there about a year. Searchers say it's impossible to tell if the remains belong to a man or a woman.

Police have wrapped up their work at the scene for the day. Forensic anthropologists will be out at the site Wednesday morning.

Police say this is like an archeological dig, and dental records will help identify the victim.