Inspectors are checking a pipeline for a leak in a field near the Texas Medical Center where a set of human bones were found. What's not clear is how long they've been at that location.

Houston police crime scene technicians and homicide detectives spent much of Wednesday afternoon at the site. The discovery yielded more questions than answers.

"This isn't going to happen overnight," Tim Miller of Texas Equusearch said.

Closure for a family may be a long way off as the mystery is likely a long way from being unraveled. No one knows that better than Miller.

In 1984, his daughter, Laura, vanished from a convenience store south of Houston. About a year and a half later her skeletal remains were discovered in a field.

Miller says Laura was a Jane Dow at the very beginning.

"Where Laura was found, the same day she was found, we still have an unidentified girl from February 2, 1984. That's a Jane Doe," Miller said.

Forensic science could be the key to cracking the case. Police may be able to identify the person and determine a cause of death if forensic experts can extract DNA from the bones.

The bones are believed to be that of an adult. No articles of clothing were found in the area. The Harris County Medical Examiner's office now has the bones.