Three teenagers are in police custody after two high-speed chases, Houston police said.

The first started in southeast Houston near the intersection of Spencer Highway and Shaver Road, according to HPD.

A patrol officer said he spotted a car driving without headlights or a license plate and attempted to pull the the driver over.

The teens sped off, according to police.

The chase was so fast, police said they had to stop the pursuit in the name of public safety.

A short time later, investigators said a second patrol officer spotted the suspect's  car on the Beltway near the Gulf Freeway. 

They said that officer chased the teens all the way to the Gulf Freeway and Almeda Genoa.

Police said the teens bailed out and ran, but were quickly arrested.

They said all of the suspects are under 16 years old.

Police said all three are facing misdemeanor evading and other charges.

They said it was unclear where the teens obtained the car.