A suspect is dead after an officer opened fire in southwest Houston, according to police.

The shooting happened at around 1:45 p.m. Monday at the Arcadian Luxury Apartments in the 7500 block of Kirby, near North Braeswood.

Houston police say a University of Texas Police Department officer working an extra job as security at the apartment was called by the apartment manager after receiving a report about someone banging on one of the apartment doors.

The officer went to investigate and saw that a door had been kicked in.

"As he goes inside to confront the suspect, the suspect turns around and begins to attack him. They then struggle for a few minutes, or for a time, and then the officer in fear of his life discharged his duty weapon," said Jodi Silva, with the Houston Police Department.

The suspect was killed.

The officer was transported to a hospital with minor injuries from the scuffle but is said to be OK. He is a seven-year veteran with the UT police.