Police say a 44-year-old woman out for a morning walk was robbed and attacked by a man who came up behind her.

"All of a sudden someone just came from behind me and put his arm around my neck and was choking me," said the victim who asked to remain anonymous because the assailant hasn't been caught.  "I couldn't breathe, I couldn't yell, I couldn't do anything."

The robber had such a strong hold, the woman passed out.  When she regained consciousness she realized her cellphone and the keys to her car were gone.

She told Local 2 she may have let her guard down, she was wearing earphones and couldn't hear the man come up behind her.  Now she has a warning for others.

"Just be more careful than I was," she said.  "Don't get out if you're alone try to go with someone or go where there is a bigger crowd."

She was unable to get a look at the assailant because he was behind her.  The only thing she did see was his arm and he was wearing a white jacket. 

The Houston police are investigating but they have no witnesses to this crime.