The City of Houston is making headway in sorting through thousands of rape kits that went untested for years.

Two years ago, Local 2 Investigates exposed a massive backlog of untested rape kits stored in evidence in HPD's property room. Since then, HPD has conducted an exhaustive audit of a backlog city officials all agree was "decades" in the making.

During the Houston City Council on Tuesday, the Houston Police Department announced that out of 6,100 cases tested so far, 280 of those have come back with possible investigative leads.

Rape kits contain physical evidence found on victims that can be vital in prosecuting a rapist and potentially linking that person to other crimes.

Houston officials have spent millions to outsource DNA testing to reduce the backlog, including $2.1 million in federal money in 2010 and 2011.

The city has also set up a dedication sexual assault line, so that victims can contact investigators on their own terms.