A man was arrested and charged with endangering a child after police say he used a 3-year-old girl as a shield against an officer.

Houston police said an officer found a car stopped in the street Sunday at 5:30 a.m. at 10800 Gulf Freeway. The officer said Maynard Jacquet, 53, was the driver. The officer said Jacquet appeared to be intoxicated.

A three-year-old girl was also in the car.

The officer had the car towed to 1150 Edgebrook and police say that's when Jacquet went from being calm to belligerent.

When the officer discovered Jacquet had outstanding warrants, a relative was called to pick up the child.

The officer said when they tried to hand the child over to the relative, Jacquet became belligerent again and used the child as shield against police.

Jacquet was arrested and charged with endangering a child. He posted a $15,000 bond.