A woman, her daughter and a man were all in the hospital Sunday morning with gunshot wounds.

Houston police said the woman arrived at her home late Saturday night to find her boyfriend waiting for her. He threatened her with a gun, and then forcibly tied her up.

The woman's adult daughter arrived at the home on Tareyton Lane, and the man tied up her as well.

Investigators said a friend of the daughter also showed up at the house, and when he walked up to the front door, he heard a struggle inside the home.

He kicked the door in and saw the woman's boyfriend standing there. When the suspect noticed the man, he pointed the gun at him and ordered him to step inside the house.

Officers said the man refused, and turned to leave. As he walked away, the woman's boyfriend shot him in the lower back. At that point, he also shot his girlfriend in the jaw and the daughter in the head.

"All I heard was gunshots, and I ran outside," said James Leviege, one of the woman's neighbors.

Leviege approached the home, and that's when the suspect ran out the back door of the house and jumped a fence.

Houston police responded to a call about the triple shooting at 1:30 a.m. on Sunday.

All three victims were taken by ambulance to hospitals in the area.

Houston police say the suspect has been identified as Ronald Keith Sims.