An argument at a southeast Houston Little Caesars Pizza escalated to a double shooting Wednesday, according to police.

Officials say an employee at the restaurant on Broadway Street got into a fight with two customers over a pizza around 9 p.m.

Police said that argument continued at the nearby "Las Villas" apartments, where all three of the men live. 

"The altercation continued at the apartment complex," said Lieutenant Larry Crowson with the Houston Police Department. "At some point, one of the people involved in the altercation got a gun and shot the other two people."

According to police, the employee got the gun and shot the two customers.

Police arrived at the apartment complex shortly after and found the victims.

"One had been grazed slightly, the other person had been shot three times," Lt. Crowson said. "He was transported to [Memorial] Hermann Hospital [and] is in critical condition at this point."

The suspect fled the scene, but police said they have a good idea of who he is.

"We do believe we have the name of the suspect, so we're following up on that," said Lt. Crowson.

The victims' names were immediately released.