People in Houston's deaf community are reacting to reports that a fake sign language interpreter was used during Tuesday's televised memorial service honoring former South African President Nelson Mandela.

Experts say the man used meaningless hand gestures and his facial expressions and body language did not match the emotions of the speakers, including President Barack Obama, who were honoring the late Mandela.

Many deaf and hearing impaired people around the world took to social media to complain about the fake sign language interpreter.

Some said they were disappointed, angry and even humiliated by the man who pretended to helping.

KPRC Local 2 spoke to people at a Christmas party for deaf and hearing impaired senior citizens.

"He was impressed, but at the same time, about the interpreter, he didn't understand anything that he said," said Jackie Autry, who interpreted the comments of some of the people attended the lunch.

"It was not perfect at all and he didn't understand anything. He was disappointed," Autry told us about another hearing impaired man who tuned in to watch the Mandela memorial service.

Many countries have their own way of teaching sign language, but many of the gestures are universal, say experts.

Don Hahn, who is president of the Houston Deaf Senior Citizens Love Fund, Inc., said he would be offended if officials confirmed the man was a fraud