As President Obama made his case to the American people, Congress, and much of the world, Houstonians also listened as he listed his reasons for wanting a military strike in Syria that he says would send a powerful to the Syrian regime.

Also paying attention were two Houston residents, on opposite sides of the issue. We invited them to Local 2 to hear the president's pitch.

"This is not Iraq. This is not Afghanistan," said medical student Mahmoud Laham, a Syrian-American in favor of a military strike. "This is Kosovo. This is Rwanda."

However, Cody Adams, a member of the Houston Free Thinkers, a community activist group, has a different take.

"He did not convince me because I have yet to see any evidence," said Adams.

Adams feels involvement in Syria would put America at greater risk.

"If we get involved in that war, we're going to be funding the people that we're fighting in Afghanistan," said Adams. "And that makes zero sense to me."

Adams would like to take any military option off the table, but Laham believes American strikes will be the only way to stop the crisis in Syria from becoming more deadly and even impacting the U.S. and its allies.

"Hopefully the United States and President Obama will take stern action against the Syrian regime, enforce international law, and protect our national security first and foremost," said Laham.