A large crowd Wednesday gathered at Houston City Hall on the 50th anniversary of the march on Washington and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s 'I Have a Dream' speech in City Hall to commemorate the historic event.

Dr. King's words were brought to life by TSU's debate team.

This was about honoring a man who was not afraid to dream for a better nation. Fifty years later, it is the speech that still moves people to tears.

"I still get emotional like it was today, he spoke so very well about freedom and equality for all. And 50 years later it is this speech that still inspires many," said Janice Foley-Wright.

Burnham Terrell was there 50 years ago for the march on Washington.

"Powerful is the word. Still thrilling to think about it again, I thought given 50th anniversary I ought to show up if I couldn't go to Washington again," said Terrell.

Let Freedom Ring commemorated with a bell ringing ceremony across Houston at two churches, but the bell is HFD's bell used only for memorial services to honor the fallen.

Dr. King's speech almost didn't include "I have a dream." He was advised not to use it, but the day of his speech he put aside his prepared remarks, paused and started with, "I have a dream."