Houston-area congressman speaks on Obama and crisis in Syria

Congressman Ted Poe told Local 2 he would vote against military action

Published On: Dec 24 2013 03:46:24 AM CST   Updated On: Aug 30 2013 12:08:43 PM CDT

With a potential U.S. military strike against Syria looming, a Houston-area congressman says President Barack Obama should consult congress before taking action.

"The president should ask Congress to come back into session. Congress should make this decision, especially before we start sending missiles into Syria. To me, that's an act of war that requires Congress's input," said U.S. Congressman Ted Poe, a Republican who represents the 2nd District.

Congressman Poe told Local 2 he believes the United States does not have a political interest in Syria and he would vote against military action.

"No question about it, (Syrian President) Assad is a bad guy," said Congressman Poe. "He needs to be removed but we need to do that through diplomatic channels on both sides and not start unilaterally sending missiles into the country."

In a televised interview Tuesday night, President Obama warned Americans are in danger, from what he charges the Syrian government used against its own people.

"Chemical weapons that can have devastating effects could be directed at the U.S." said President Obama.

A political expert who teaches international affairs at the University of St. Thomas said the presidents may be forced to take action at this point or he loses credibility.

However, Professor Richard Sindelar does not believe the United States has any real political interest in Syria that justifies military action.

"The main thing that troubles me if we do respond, we open potentially Pandora's Box" said Sindelar. "We don't know what the Syrians might do. We don't know what Hezbollah or Iran would do."