A scare at the Houston Zoo Thursday when two orphaned black bear cubs tried to get out of their enclosure.

The zoo's carnivore team introduced the cubs, Willow and Belle, to the Andean bear habitat around noon.

About 25 minutes later, both bears climbed over the top of the back wall of the habitat and were exploring a planter area on top of the wall.

The carnivore keepers issued an alert to the rest of the zoo and began procedures to get the bear cubs secured.

One cub was secured and crated at approximately 1:15 p-m, the second cub was secured and crated at around 3:45 p.m.

In a statement the Houston Zoo said, "At no time were the bears or Zoo guests in any danger. At no time were the bears in a public area or an area that was accessible to the public."

Now, the keepers are assessing the best way to secure the habitat so the curious cubs don't climb the wall again.

The cubs will live in the habitat's holding area, where they will have access to plenty of space to safely explore.

The Houston Zoo recently received the cubs from California Fish and Game. Their mother was killed by a hunter and the two have been adjusting well since their transition a little over a month ago.

The zoo said, "We would like to express a special thanks to our guests, all of which were very understanding and cooperative while we handled the situation."