The Houston Zoo is showing off its newest bundle of joy.

A highly endangered primate, a Coquerel's sifaka, which is a member of the lemur family, was born on December 13.  His name is Gulliver. He weighed just around 92 grams at birth.

"Safikas are one of the largest living lemurs, and they are all highly endangered," said Lynn Killam, associate curator of primates at the Houston Zoo. "There aren't that many zoos that even have them."

Sifakas are leaf eaters, eating over 120 different strains of leaves in the wild. Here in Houston, they feed on leaves cut from plants found around the Zoo.

Gulliver is not yet on display at the Zoo due to the cold weather. Once the temperatures warm up, Gulliver is expected to be ,ade available to the public for viewing.