Monday was another damp and dreary day across southeast Texas. Temperatures were 20 plus degrees below average over the weekend. On Monday, highs will still be double-digits below what is typical for this time of year.

While many elected to stay in, outside workers had to prepare for cold and wet conditions.

On the 5100 block of Beech Street in Bellaire alone, the road was abuzz with outside workers. A road construction crew, a pest control guy and Christmas light installers were all trying to make a living in the frigid conditions.

Construction workers have had to brave several days of bitter cold temperatures and rain, which takes a toll on their bodies.

"A lot of pain in the fingers -- in the fingers to the toes," described Ernesto Morales, road construction worker. "Everyday is a pain. Everyday is bad."

All these construction workers have an extra layer or two on in the unseasonably cold temperatures, plus they are able to wear gloves. Some outside workers don't get that luxury.

Tim Hunter owns Christmas Lights Up Texas. Because his job involves so much detail work and small objects, he can't wear gloves.

"The hardest part is the fingers and the toes. It is hard to climb ladders with cold toes, and it is hard to hang onto ladders with cold fingers," explained Hunter.

Christmas light installers can't wear bulky clothes to keep them warm when they are climbing onto roofs.

“We really can't have too much on because normally we are on such high places, so it is kind of dangerous," said Hunter.

Some outside workers however are embracing the cooler weather.

Mike Garcia, owner of Problem Solvers Pest Control, was out spraying for bugs and is grateful he is not sweating while doing it.

“We might have had a couple of mornings where it was brisk. I am from the Bronx originally. This is nothing. There's no snow on the ground. It's pretty nice.”

Which ever side you are on, you still need to make sure you protect yourself against the elements.

Jackets, layers and gloves should still be in rotation this coming week because we have cold mornings and chilly afternoons in the forecast