A woman has been arrested in a deadly hit-and-run accident from last year.

Authorities said Chelsea Norman, 24, was hit by a car on the evening of Dec. 1 while riding her bicycle in the 1500 block of Waugh Drive near West Gray.

"There have been good days and there have been very bad days," said Randy Norman, the father of Chelsea Norman. “What happened, whether it was negligence or a willful act, it didn't just rip Chelsea out of our lives or her family and her friends here, it emotionally shattered the young man she was going to be spending the rest of her life with.”

Exactly two months after Chelsea died, Houston police arrested 35-year-old Margaret Mayer. She is charged with failing to stop and render aid.

Prosecutor Janna Oswald said, "If she would have stuck around and called 911 herself knowing she was the one that caused the crash, then it may have saved Chelsea's life. That would be the lesson here and the reason this is a second-degree felony."

According to court documents, a friend of Mayer's told investigators that Mayer said, the night of the accident, that she was drunk, got lost on Waugh and might have hit someone because her windshield was broken. Investigators said Mayer's pickup had damage that had been repaired.

Prosecutor Alison Baimbridge said, "After that crash occurs, there are some witnesses on scene almost immediately that help out our complainant. Stay with her until she gets in the ambulance. The defendant is not one of those people, and she flees."

Prosecutors said Mayer called her brother, who was in jail himself at the time of the accident.  On that recorded call, prosecutors said, he told her brother that she was drunk, had wrecked her truck, hit a bicycle and did not stop.

Mayer was out of jail on a $30,000 bond Wednesday night. A conviction in the case could mean two to 20 years in prison. She could make her first appearance in court as early as Thursday morning.

Court documents show she was convicted of DWI in 2002 and served probation for a theft case in 1997.